CHILL out with us 2019

Nov 25, 2019
Tobie Panos
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Instead of hosting our typical interview night, we decided to invite prospective CHILL members to hangout with the current CHILL members in a night of games, food and fun! The meeting began with a few tips and reminders for current members. We then introduced the current CHILL Board so that the new students could put a name with a face. 

The first game we played was a classic and a CHILL favorite- Trainwreck. Trainwreck is a game played at all summer trainings as well as played whenever the students just need a moment to take a breather and have some fun. In this game all students grab a chair and place it in a circular shape. One person stands in the middle and makes a statement “All my friends like…..” and finish it with something they enjoy. Whether that is a sport event, a school activity, or a color. If someone in the circle agrees with the statement, they have to get up and find a new seat. The person without a seat stands in the middle and makes their statement. The game that was played on this night was one of the largest games of trainwreck we have EVER played! 

We then numbered off all of the students and assigned them to tables set up across the room. At each of the tables was a game of Jenga. Sounds like fun right? What if we told you that on every Jenga piece, a question or task was written on the bottom of it? For example: 

  • You are now a secret agent, go knock over another teams tower. 
  • Do the Macarena… provide your own music
  • Who is your favorite teacher and why? 
  • You came in like a wrecking ball, knock over your own tower
  • What are the qualities of a good friend?

Randomly throughout the games we would count down from 10 giving all students ten seconds to find a new seat at a new table. We wanted all members and prospective members to have a chance to get to know people from different schools and a chance to feel like they fit in within this group. 

Overall, the students seemed to enjoy themselves and a spirit of excitement for the coming school year was created! 

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