Not your typical day at the office – face masks

Apr 1, 2020
Tobie Panos
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During such unprecedented times, it is more important now than ever that we come together as a community to support one another. That is exactly what CHILL along with Drug Free MHC Coalition and the Prevention Department at Piedmont Community Services are doing. In the last few weeks, our nation has experienced a shortage of face masks along with other forms of PPE, leaving many American’s frazzled. Around this time, Joann’s Fabrics began to give away fabric and supplies for sewers in the community to create masks of their own.

This opened many doors for CHILL and DFMHC to impact the community while the organizations are following all of the recommended federal guidelines. Over the course of a week or so, the members began cutting yards and yards of fabric into rectangles that would later be sewn together. They spent hours pinning elastic to the edges and the office sewer dedicated her hands to the efforts. The organizations caught wind that Hospice nurses were on the hunt for masks to help as they go into the homes of patients, and at this time the first 40 masks created were donated to Amedysis Hospice.

The next ten masks, donated to the hardworking directors and CEO of Piedmont Community Services who are working diligently to ensure that PCS is following federal regulations and being a support to our community.

As the week went on, the organizations gathered moist towelettes, ziplock bags, and paperclips. A message of love was created and instructions typed up. And bags were created full of all items and masks to hand out at Kroger. On tuesday through thursday our local Kroger store is open from 7am-8am for an hour of shopping dedicated to seniors and high risk patrons. CHILL is so thankful to Kroger for agreeing to partner with us and allow us to set up a table outside to which we could serve the visitors and staff. During this hour CHILL was able to give away over 80 handmade masks and kindness notes to members of our community. A reminder that this is a time that no one was prepared for, and that we are coming together to support one another. On the same day, CHILL was able to donate masks to Therapy Direct and drive through employees at a local fast food restaurant.  

We are honored and humbled as some community members have voiced their thanks and some even shed tears. Today we know that an impact was made, kindness was shared, and community came together. 

Although School is out and organized functions are limited, CHILL continues their efforts to spread kindness and hope through their community presence. 

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