What CHILL Means to Us – Two CHILL Seniors

Mar 27, 2020
Tobie Panos
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Written By Andrew Chitwood and Margaret Wright

Hi, I am Andrew Chitwood. I’m a senior at Carlisle, a first-year board member of CHILL, and a member of three years. As a board member, I have a leading hand on making our future plans for campaigns/projects; and on our partnership and collaborating with our adult team of coordinators and sponsor board. I have had a leading role during our monthly community meetings. I have also been able to see the impact I have a role in creating through the first-hand service in many of CHILL’s annual events like Paint the Town and Project Sticker Shop. I joined CHILL because I felt that it was a real way for me to make a positive impression on my community and the people around me. 

Hi, I am Margaret Wright. I’m also a senior at Carlisle, and I’m a first year member of CHILL. I joined CHILL to have a chance to be more involved in the community around me, as I live in NC but I wanted to support and be a part of Martinsville-Henry County. I have also gotten the opportunity to meet many new people who support me and have become my close friends through CHILL. I really love getting to take part in service activities to assist those in the community such as Paint the Town and most recently Fast Track. Joining CHILL has allowed me to grow closer to those in a community that I love having the chance to be a part of. Even though I am a senior, I am excited to continue to be a part of CHILL by staying in contact and carrying the skills CHILL has given me to college. 

Even with our different years of service and roles with CHILL, we have been greatly impacted by the program and have been able to make a significant impact in our community. CHILL has helped develop many skills that will be useful throughout our lives like sociability, public speaking, and critical thinking. It has been a great way to meet new people from the other local schools, as we have made many new friends and came together as the youth of our community to inspire positive choices and lifestyles. Most importantly, we have been humbled by our experience in impacting the people and lives around us. CHILL has shown us that the difficult process of sitting down and getting a bunch of teenagers to collaborate and make plans for projects and events all becomes worth it once you are able to step out and see the end result of helping someone first hand – as a volunteer and leader. 

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